Back foot strap positions

Background: Been prone foiling for 6 years, ride strapped winging and want that extra control prone.

Strap tune- I broke down some gopro footage where i get a shot of my feet to dial in the position. Right now i have them set up like my wing board straps, feet fully in with the strap over the middle of my foot. Strap is homemade armstrong style EVA sandwiching a piece of strap webbing.

Threw straps on yesterday and got a nice runner right off. Front foot popped right in. I fumbled around with the back foot while i pumped around and got it on the 3rd wave or so. Placement was good but i found my back foot felt cooked - prematurely tired from pumping/running.

I took the straps off on the next wave and tried to focus on what was different. Placement was the same, i think the big factor was being able to lift the heel when pumping. I think the strap was too loose and i need something tighter that just the front of my foot is in(windsurfing style) so my heel can lift on the pump.

Anyone feel something similar?

For me I need to move my back foot forward about 75mm when peeling off the wave to pump. This is the most efficient pump stance for me. I always wondered how annoying it would be to have the back foot stuck over the mast where it works best for carving but not pumping.

I notice nearly every good proner does this for the pump. I have even noticed some strap crew take their back foot out of the back strap for long pumps and place it a little forward of the strap. Wingers do the same when pumping off the water.