Foil with straps

I’m wingning on 45/60L boards and I can use both straps while foiling.

I realized that I use a lot my backfoot to initiate turns and pump a lot with my backfoot also. When the wingspan is too large, I do not have enough leverage to turn and control a 95cm (1200cm2 for 7.5 ar)front wing in waves/swell if i need to go rail to rail. My boards are 21 1/2 and 22 of width.
Any tips?
When I look at A. A. in that video…it doesn’t have any issue lol:


I am winging with the straps set up in offset position, this gives more leverage over the board and makes it easy to control bigger foils too, and the pumping feels well balanced - the board does not wiggle left or right while pumping. The reason I have set up the front strap like so is to make the switch stance riding easier.