Best way to sell used gear

I am pretty frequently upgrading gear but having a really tough time selling it. My pricing is around 40 percent below MSRP and really can’t go any lower. My question for anyone with any luck in this second hand market. Is it easier to sell everything individually or as a package to someone? When I was starting to look into foiling I was looking for package situations but now as someone that knows what he wants I would buy select items. I am almost at the point of buying another mast to have a complete package just to sell the other stuff haha. Any help or knowledge would be great.

The used market is kind of broken at the moment. I’ve stopped trying to buy and sell. This forum and WhatsApp groups seem to have the most buyers.

The Hawaii WhatsApp groups have insane deals. With everyone being an ambassador and getting bro deals, retail is not a good indicator of a sales price anymore.

You either sell fast at a loss. Or you have it listed for awhile until the specific buyer you’re looking for comes around.

It used to be more fun to buy high and sell low.

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What are you selling?

I’ve had some success selling used gear using Facebook Marketplace but only in the foiling groups as there seems to be less scammers.


I’m in Maine and have had the most luck on fb marketplace from people around Boston.

Selling a 210 hyper 2 and a 4’5 Appletree skipper 28 liter

Might be worth a shot trying eBay. It has a wide reach.

Seems like so many people don’t want to part out kits, but I think sometimes you have to cut your losses and part it out. Obviously that’s not your game right now, but I see that issue a lot. The lack of mix and match in the industry across wings, masts, etc are such a used market killer.

I’ve sold a board and three wings on NH Craig’s List over the last few months, all to different buyers. I sold another board there last year. One wing needed to be shipped. One guy drove over 100 miles to pick up a 5m.

My first wing I sold on the Standup Zone Classifieds back in the fall of 2021.

I appreciate all the responses for this. My main question was is it easier to sell a complete kit then parted out.

I’ll personally say as a frequent used gear buyer/seller, having the option for both is appealing. List individual prices and a package price, with a discount. Ads that state ‘will not part out’ dramatically limit their buyer pool to someone looking for a full kit. And there’s been so much production/churn in the market over the last 3 years, it’s hugely a buyers market. Brand new 2022 gear is still readily available but now at huge discount, which makes the used gear market even worse.

I’d take getting something sold over letting it sit longer hoping for the perfect buyer, all the while losing more value…

Full kit’s are only easy to sell to new buyer’s for cheap.

Individual parts can be cheap enough to sell to anyone. Once front foils sell below $500 that’s an impulse buy for lots of people.

So I’d say parted out is easier to sell.

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Your issue isn’t your price, its not having a buyer found your item yet. If the price was the issue, someone would have reached out and asked if you’d sell for less and you’d have sold it. Sometimes you just need to wait until someone interested in your item finds your post.


I have had great luck selling on the Axis FB group. I sold 3 front wings and 2 masts in 3 days. You have to be willing to sell at a good price.
I know there are Armstrong groups as well. I’m sure every brand has a group.