Cherry Axis Foil Setup for sale

Near new condition Axis prone/Wing Foil set-up for sale. Save hundreds on a HPS880 front foil, 375P or 350P tail(your choice), Ultrashort Black fuselage, 820 aluminum mast in 19mm and16mm. I’ve used the HPS880 approx 5 times, it has some superficial scratches that can be seen if you look hard but you can’t feel them. Same with the stabilizer. The 19mm mast has been used for less than one season has no corrosion or damage. The 16mm mast has been used 5 times and is in new condition. There are zero issues with any of the gear. The HPS880 is an excellent all around wing that turns well rail to rail, is fast, and has great lift but doesn’t overfoil. Comes complete with the baseplates, doodads, covers. Shipping from Hawaii, DM with offers and details and more pics. $1100, selling as a set

Sold, sorry I couldn’t delete the ad.