Code 1300s for flat water

Does the code 1300s work as a beginner foil for flat water paddle ups and dockstarts? I know how to foil already from winging, but would like some other activities for summer when there us usually no wind where i live

I got it. I do dockstart with it without any problem. Completely new to SUP, I can get it to take off on the flat but not maintain the flight

I have a code 1300s after coming from axis big foils. It is still a small ish foil. Can’t expect it to have the low end of the Axis 1401,1300. But it is very comparable to the axis 1201. I can dock start it with some challenge, maybe 30 percent success rate, I was near 100 with the big axis foils. But the 1300s is amazing for small surf and bay dw, so I am happy with compromise.