DW board potential track issue

So I recently got a custom DW board, and fear that the tracks are too far back. I’m comfortable with my back foot directly over the mast, but with the mast all the way forward, if I stand like that the tail is in the water and the nose out, so not efficient through the water. If I stand where the board is level, I’m over the leading edge of the mast or just overlapping I think. I’ve caught waves at the beach already, but I have to pull it back to take off, and I feel like I’m 30/70 front/back. I can imagine not being able to properly pump/paddle fast with lift when it comes to catching bumps instead of waves. And as I’ve mentioned before maybe too many times, I have experience already with tracks too far forward hampering my prone journey, and I don’t want to make the same mistake again. Based on my description would folks with experience agree or not that I should be concerned, or is there a hack? Center of tracks 25.5” from tail on a 7’6” board.

Edit: mistake being trying to make it work when I should just get another board.

I’ve seen track extenders. I couldn’t tell you where to get them but they’re out there. Obviously it’s not the prettiest but could save you time and money making a new board.

I looked for those online but came up empty, I might get a sheet of g-10 and make one.

what about retro fitting another set of boxes in front of the current boxes ? i know its gonna look naf ,

This is who made a run of the aluminum track extenders. I don’t think he has anymore or plans to make anymore at the moment. You could message him on instagram though.

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I’m thinking about moving them, depending on how the box was installed. I remember working at a boat builder in the 90s a French foiling catamaran broke a foil and brought it in for repair, one of the more experienced guys ground out a taper in maybe 15 layers of carbon 1” per layer. It was the most impressive thing I’d seen done with a grinder. So the repair was one layer proud. If I go after it with this board I’ll try to channel that performance.