Mast placement in box

Seems as though mast are moving further and further forward, especially for high aspect wings, is this specifically to provide front feedback, and if so, how does it differ from increasing angle of attack from shimming? Thanks!

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For me its a few things… I love the front foot pressure and being able to move stance up, this makes the board much smaller effectively and makes the weight feel neutral. The mast being forward allows quicker, more pivoty direction changes. I can go rail to rail faster. And then when you want to hit the foam you can get your foot way behind the mast and have more leverage to break the foil free. I’m going super far forward lately and shimming for less lift. Actually riding plus (Armstrong definition) shim on most setups now with KD tails.


@Erik , I need to go back about fuse length and mast position in you last podcast with @mikepedigo. I try to understand why I feel completely the opposite about mast position and fuse length. I’m full fwd with drilled mast plate for foil and board compatibility, so I cannot move if more fwd and use footstraps. When I use a shorter fuse(4mm shorter), I cannot reach my footstrap, I would need to put my mast more fwd. Do you think, moving with a pull in a wing is different than moving with power of a wave for foil setting? Thanks.

When discussing mast position, I think it’s important to list your brand and what front foil.

I ride lift which needs to be further forward, but have used different mast locations for different foils. From furthest forward to furthest back. HA170, surf 150v2, HA90.

@Hdip, I agree, I also used different brand and they do not have the same lift for sure.

Ok, let me put numbers.
I owned an Axis HPS 980 with a short black fuse and a PNG1150 with an ultra short fuse.
I needed about 4cm with the shorter ultra-short fuse. I thought back then, maybe the black fuse had a different angle of attack or different distance from the mast vs the red?

Now, I do own now, f-one Phantom/seven seas, front wings that I tested back to back with a short, X-short and XX-short fuselages (they are 3-4cm shorter each) and same stab. Again I need about 2-4cm more fwd with the shorter fuselage. I wonder if wingning provides different output on foil vs prone foil