DW query: wave issues when crossing a bay

The most obvious run we have here crosses a bay. I haven’t yet jumped off at the south end, but have paddled and winged a fraction of it and turned around. My question is whether this setup will have issues near the headland with waves bending around from the side while straight bumps are forming as well, causing confused seas. Is it better to choose a straighter coast like the one to the north or a Long Beach like we have farther south?

I haven’t foiled there but have sailed along that coast dozens of times on sailboats in all types of conditions. IMO, the Saco Bay crossing will have the better waves.

The Cape Elizabeth run is too close to shore and I doubt the swells will wrap around in any usable way. Plus, the tidal currents going in and out of Casco Bay might mess it up.

Heading north out of Wood Island Harbor should be fairly smooth with Wood Island providing a nice lee. I think I see what you’re saying though. Halfway across, you might find that the wind waves and swell do not line up perfectly. I don’t see that as a major problem.

We’ll see, but it’s dang committing when it’s so cold.

Wood Island to Higgins

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