Episode: Mike Pedigo and Erik Discuss Tuning

Was driving so didn’t really note too much but:

  1. Rather than selecting boards based on length, rather vary the width and keep length constant. Keeps the feel between models more consistent
    I like the idea of a 4’5 with differing widths for beginner /inter / advanced

  2. Tuning tails on longer fuses
    @Erik I think the point Mike was trying to make on the tail of a fuse is that with a longer fuse you have more leverage, so you can run a smaller tail.
    Your point was that you can run lower shim angle on a longer fuse

  3. Few setups that don’t work for Erik at all
    Curious to know what these are

There was loads of good stuff in there for anyone looking to get some insights.

It would be rad to get someone who is equally techy but likes a completely different feel or different equipment so that you can get more perspective, as you guys agree on most things (other than offset!)
Also video would be cool to explain some of the things



I agree on longer fuse, smaller tail. Part of the reason I like the longer fuse is with the smaller tail you get a more efficient setup. And dont lose much turning. Actually I think its a net gain for the turns I love because they tend to be fast and banked so a longer fuse means less micro-corrections through the arch.

I don’t spend much time on setups I don’t like. Can tell now within about 10 seconds if it has potential or not. I try not to throw any brand under the bus on the show, so try not to talk about foils that I think are bad. Maybe they just don’t suit my style….

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Somewhat unrelated but also not, I’m really getting into downwinding lately and have been using the Axis 1099 a bit. However I find it horrible to get this wing onto foil in the small bumps we usually have. For its size and wingspan it just seems way harder to get this wing to fly then you would think. I believe the Lift 120 is as easy if not easier to fly.

However I still plan to pursue the 1099 for a bit longer as it does have great glide and pump for the conditions I wish to use it in. When riding the foil my board does feel nose up, so I believe I could base plate shim the mast to counteract this? Also perhaps I could shim the rear tail to have more lift and slightly less speed? I’m guessing these two in combination would help quite a bit to get the foil flying? Love to hear any input?


Really good that you don’t, but it leaves one curious (maybe I’m on the wrong foil!)
Can you describe what feelings you don’t like?

Speed, glide and roll without too much pitching through the speed range. Anything lacking substantially in one area can’t be an all rounder for me. There are foils that I love for specific things. Vyper 150 is an epic wing for head high + surf when I’m not concerned about pumping too much. 1440 takuma is my low wind DW or wing foil. Both are exceptional in one area.

Another reason I try not to be negative is foiling is condition and style dependent. There’s a few foils I can’t stand, but are the favorites of some talented foilers. And they rip on them…. Kind of like music.


Thanks that sounds fair - like surfboards. An Indo board will make a terrible daily driver, unless you live there.

Objectively saying “this foil is too fast/pitchy for my typical conditions so doesn’t work for me” feels reasonable, but I get that this is a subtle line to cross