Fuse length - options

On the back of the Zane interview where both Eric and Zane hyped on long fuse, as is Bennets for bigger surf. Seems sensible for the average punter to have the option to try.

Often wondered why fuses aren’t just made to the longer length and then a few holes for medium and short equivalent… Unifoil has a flat mount. (Axis with their curve make it impossible and also kills the change to buy aftermarket tails)

Downside would be? I imagine there would be hydrodynamic drag?

Mike Pedigo made a tail that shortens the effective length, alternative would be a tail that lengthens it.

Cloud 9 does exactly that. I had a lift tail adapter that also had 3 mounting points. It works well.

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That looks perfect

Foilparts do a few too, seems sensible

Ok I must report my findings to see what others think.
I have been riding the gofoil rs 850 on the v1.5 mast with the 12.5 short tail for 6 months. As I am light this setup is perfect at waist high and ok at chest high in our oz longer period type swells. I thought the v2 mast with its wing further forward would just create too much lift on this setup for me.
So I rode the v2 mast and it creates a little more front foot and I wasn’t sure about it. Then after talking with Adam Bennetts about using long fuses I tried the v2 mast with the 12.5 long tail and there is some exciting turning Magic going on there. It’s like the longer fuse balanced the further forward placement of the front wing. I now have a the smaller 10.5 long tail to try with the borrowed v2 mast and can’t wait. Of course the v2 mast pump is so good but wow the turning feeling is a shock with the longer fuse.

Now I wonder if the short fuse fad is driven by the need to balance a setup where the front wing is close to the mast as this is definitely limiting the leverage you have over the front wing in a turn
And the ability to drive the wing through the turn. All this is a surprise to me and goes against what I thought would happen.

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Dylan Wichmann been riding this one for a while. Probably a Cliffy custom. I don’t think drag will be an issue as it doesn’t add any frontal area. Small bit of surface drag would be negligible.

To get extra length out of a stabilizer’s base it would have to be quite thick.


I use the Foilparts long fuse adapter for Lift Foils. KDMaui had recommended using the long fuse adapter for his Boomerang tail. When I tried the Boomerang tail on the short fuse (same length as stock Lift 25 tail) it felt too unstable on take-offs. Once I switched the Boomerang tail to the long fuse, everything felt better.

The Foilparts long fuse (shortest position) seems about as long as the Takuma fuselage.

Let us know how you go with v2 and 10.5 long, keen to hear your feedback on this setup!