Favorite tails for newer go foil wings

Hey all
Wondering what some of the go foil riders out there are liking for their stabilizers. I have been on go foil for about 3-4 years now and primarily use the original Kane 13" on most of my setups ( RS 1150, GT 1400 and 1050). I recently added the RS 850 and 975 to the quiver. I’ve used the 975 with the 13" Kane tail and the 14.5 FTS. Didn’t love the 14 .5 but the Kane tail was good. Anyway, wondering if others are liking a different Kane tail or the 10.5 or 12.5 FTS/FTL or I guess any of the other compatible tails with the short pedestal. Looking at adding a tail or two to the quiver but hoping for some feedback from other go foil riders before making a purchase.

I have tried the original 13 kd tail and preferred the 12.5fts with both the rs850, rs1000 and pnl185. I now use the 10.5ftl for prone and winging and am very happy with it. Pumps great and turns better than both the kd and 12.5.

I am only 65 kg and found the kd tail a little too lifty and maybe flexi which I still can’t believe.

I have also started to appreciate the longer fuse with the narrower tail approach of the 10.5ftl rather than going short fuse and 13 or so tail.

Great. Thanks for your feedback

I’m also about 65kg and enjoying the 10.5 FTL over 14.5 FTS with the RS850. Haven’t tried 10.5 FTL with the 1000 yet

With the 850 I’ve only used the 14.5FT-L and the KD Marlin 14 on the long pedestal. Night and day dif in front foot pressure. Just stuck one of the stock stainless washers that comes with the pedestal under the front bolt of the Marlin as that ‘looked’ roughly flat. Noticeably faster than the 14.5 and still plenty turny. There was a weird vibration in the mid range probably because the mount just isn’t clean. When I went back to the 14.5 I found it almost unrideable initially, have to stand so much further forward to keep the foil in the water. Someday I’ll get around to demoing the 12.5 and 10.5 FT-L’s, no interest in the short versions.

Was hoping to get some feedback on some of the newer KD tails with the RS wings. Specially the marlin. Thanks.