First Board Advice

Transitioning from SUP Surfing.
Currently riding 8’0 115L surf sup board comfortably
77KG wet

Looking to start learning with a Foil Drive assist. Then motor out and start riding rollers then transition to SUP Foil wave riding with and without Foil Drive. (My ocean is mean and no one else is out so the Foil Drive will be a safety backup and help get me out to the Harbour mouth.)

Looking for a unicorn board that can do it all or at least get me started. Probably can go a little smaller because of the Foil Drive.

Can this board also get me started downwinding?

Currently debating FOIL drive plus a board vs Efoil.

Thank you

Does the board have foil tracks? What is the width?

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I don’t have a board yet. Asking for suggestions.

Ah, got it. I’ve got a FFB dagger 7’5" in my garage for $900 if you’re anywhere around Los Angeles, CA. :slight_smile:

I would go with one of the newer long and skinny DW boards. It’s not going to be as stable as what you’re used to, but you will adjust fast. Especially with a foil drive to keep momentum going. There’s no top end to the boards. I’ve heard good things about the newer Naish versions as they are slightly wider than other options.

Mid 7 foot length will be good. 115L or a bit more probably. Don’t be afraid of an 8’6".

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OK thanks. I’ve been seeing those. So a DW for SUP wave surfing? Interesting

Do you have any foiling experience already?

I was an avid SUP surfer before I learned to foil. I’m also a big fan of narrow foilboards. That being said, if you are used to standing on your SUP the whole time while you wait for waves, you might be disappointed if you get a DW board. Most people I know that are on them prone paddle through the break and sit on their board waiting for waves. Then they pop up, get a few paddle strokes in, then they are catching the wave. They are fast, and they do catch waves great, but hard to stand on and wait, so it’s a different experience.

Wide and long supfoil boards (28-30") are kind of a bummer in the air. Short and wide are hard to paddle.

I’m currently hunting for a board that I like in the air and when waiting for waves. Just picked up a 23.5"x6’5" kalama e3 that is all beat up, but worth a try to see how it feels in the water. I’m hoping that something in that size range is a good compromise but I expect this board will feel a little short.

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Thank you.

I have a few session on an efoil. I got flying on my third session, turning both ways.

I appreciate your comments this is the information I was looking for. I actually do considerable prone paddling while Supping and I sit if en while waiting for waves. But I also like to stand during the entire set, if that makes sense.

Seems like a DW board with length and some width and volume is what I should look for.

Width meaning 21” wide. Narrow is 18” wide. Going above 22-23” is getting to be outdated. It does provide stability. But makes the board stick to the water and hard to pop up on foil as easily.

Since you plan on foil drive initially. That should provide stability for you in the form of forward momentum.


Really? Even for sup surf foiling (not DW)?

I’m leaning more and more towards just learning prone :rofl:

The dw boards do it all. Wing. Sup dw. Sup in surf. Prone paddle in surf.

If you only want one board to start they’re the way to go in my mind.

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Oh yeah I’m a big believer in them. I just can’t imagine learning to supfoil in waves with it. Gave that a crack a few times myself and it wasn’t my flavor of fun.

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I imagine with the foil the balance stability is better than similar dimension SUP surf boards?

I found a F one rocket 6’7" x 20. I need to stay below 6’8 because of my airline restrictions. At 98 L it would be small for me on sup surf.

Body weight in kg +30-50 liters

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Correct, the longer the mast and bigger foils all increase your stability.

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Whitebelt, I currently have a sup surf quiver of 3 boards ranging from a 115ltr shortboard sup to a 132ltr gun or longboard style sup. I run near 95kg’s with rubber. As hdip mentioned, and I beleive correct, one dw foil board can do it all. I’ve been riding my 122ltr dw foil board and having success here in Oregon surf. I’m thankful for the extra literage because our zones are often choppy and unorganized so volume is king for me. I’m still able to wing and dw the board too. Gotta love the simplicity of a one foil board quiver. Let us know what you decide on. Cheers! Oops, worth noting… my board is 22’x 8’2" and I enjoy standing as much as possible.

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I went with F-One SUP DW PRo 6’7" x 20 @ 98L
I like it mostly. I’m also in PNW, far north California. Now that I can get up on Foil, I fell I’m too far from the foil with the FD battery and thick SUP. Otherwise, I caught my first waves yesterday and progressing well!

“Going above 22-23” is getting to be outdated. It does provide stability. But makes the board stick to the water and hard to pop up on foil as easily.”

I would have to disagree a little with that. I am sup surfing the naish DW at 25 " wide and it is plenty fast along with being stable for standing around in wind blown chop, and currents while waiting for waves. It does not stick to the water and is not hard to pop up at all. It is very easy on waves from knee high to 1.5x overhead. I can catch unbreaking waves without much of problem. I am not DW’ing it but there are also several good videos of people doing paddle ups and DWing this board. And Jimmy lewis just came out with some bigger and wider boards too. Guy outta Texas (Lance is outside on YT) just built his own DW board at 24" and commented about how much easier it was to catch waves after having a narrower DW board.

I’m at 20" and sometimes I do wish I jhad more width so I could leverage the foil better. I feel my offset stance could be even wider.