Foil boards in the sun

What’s the problem with leaving them in the sun. Everyone seems to be quite careful with them. I’ve spent decades leaving my surfboards in the sun for hours at a time. I’ve got a fanatic skywing.

Foil boards are higher volume, so expansion is more meaningful/prone to pressure

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Its because they’re carbon fiber, which heats up very hot and fast and causes delamination. If you’re board is fully painted like your fanatic the risk is lower, but if its black carbon it can heat up super fast so you should set up and break down quickly in the sun or find shade


It’s crazy how hot my whitewashed Appletree board gets after 10 minutes in the sun. There’s probably 20% carbon showing through the white pigment. Can’t imagine how hot one of their raw carbon finish boards gets. They claim it’s no problem but then they’re in the business of selling boards…

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