Foil sizes in small surf

I mainly prone surf in smaIl waves - most brands when pushing a certain foil they will say for small waves use this xx foil as it’s bigger cm3, normally med/high ish AR and therefore good for glide. My question is - does this assume brands think you want to glide straight down the line with no turns? I’m thinking about dropping back down to a 6.8 AR, small wingspan and as small cm3 as i can get away with. Hopefully I can then generate my own speed by carving all over the wave like I’m having an epileptic fit. My current foils are 8.4ar but I’ve never liked wings with big wingspans and I still feel these foils prohibit really aggressive turns. I noticed the spitfires are around the 7ar. I personally don’t care about straight line speed but being able to crank a big bottom turn, top turn and generally make some fun shapes is alot more fun. No chance to demo so wondered if anyone else has moved back to a lower ar from a higher ar. I have used 9 and 10 AR and disliked them. I know you will say there’s alot more to a foil than AR but it’s a good starting point.

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i have used the spitfires, and found they are too low aspect, the kujiras (or the silks) will be higher aspect and they turn just as good. I think an AR of 8 is just perfect, its super easy to turn. I have demoed the Code S which are at 9.5, and they dont turn nearly as well as the kujiras, but im still going to start riding code as i want to focus on a new kind of riding style, the kujiras are just too easy to ride and turn too good, i want to challenge myself with something thats harder to turn, but has more glide. only saying this because im super lucky to be towing perfect waves 8 hours a day 10 days a week sometimes.


10 days a week.
That’s amazing :star_struck:


Your circumstances are quite different to mine. Perfect waves are definitely not my staple. I’m trying to work out how to get the most out of small waves which are sometimes gutless wind swell. I want to avoid large glider foils and try to ride like you would on a “Tomo” short board working the wave.

He time travels on the weekends :rofl:


I started with a low aspect surfy foil from gong and then upgraded to the Armstrong gear.The advantages in small surf are obvious but it was replay hard to pump.With Armstrong the HS models its what I have liked the most, its a MA but really stable and nice pump…Yesterday I tried an HA 1125 and it has too much lift for me .I have also a MA1000 ,that I love in wing foil ,but waves are too big to foil right now so I am relegated to normal surf :wink:

Go high aspect, with short mast, short and small Tail.

On the lift 90, 75cm mast, 20carve tail. No extender.

You’ve just got to keep your speed up!

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Looks like you weight 50kg ivorwindeas . Easy to say that :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Prog 125 is a nice balance in small waves, highly recommended

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Ummmmm… is this the right thread for that video? Thats XL foiling for us!

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I’ve been demoing a lot and it all depends on what you want.
The small wings turn best. The sk8 is awesome as the progression 125 and 140,s
The big wings will be slow. The spitfire is slow but turns on a dime and has a super low stall speed. If you want to do more hard turns stick to those. They all pump good.

Nearly. 40kg