Intro Prone Foil Board

I’m an advanced wing foiler, with experience winging in small/midsize waves and swell, and I have some modest longboard surfing experience (I can paddle into a wave, make a drop, and go down the line, but I’m definitely not any good). Summer wind can be fickle and the mushy summer northeast waves could be fun to foil.

Thinking of giving the prone thing a try this summer and will probably give it a try on my wing board (4’9" / 22.5" wide, 60L). Tell me if thats a bad idea or if its going to make things a lot harder. After that, can someone recommend a good intro prone board? Either a specific model or dimensions I should look for.

Im also very open to a used board in good condition if someone has one and shipping isn’t crazy.

I’m assuming that you’re already self towing into the waves while winging and then depowering to just ride the wave energy? If so, and pairing that up with your limited longboard surf experience you should be fine to use the board you already have to give prone a go.

What size foils do you already have and how much do you weigh? Also, what kind of breaking waves are you looking at in your local area? Are they really steep and pitchy even when small, or do they just crumble from the top? The latter is preferable when trying to figure out the pop-up on foil as it’ll be much more forgiving.

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Yes, I’m totally comfortable surfing on midsized waves when I’m winging. I just haven’t paddled in or popped up. Once I’m up and stabilized I’m probably fine, it’s getting there that I need to learn.

Our waves are a pretty mixed bag, but probably a little pitchier than ideal during the summer. Definitely small though. I’m probably going to be relegated to some very low quality breaks away from crowds while I’m learning this.

I’m 80kg and right now I’m mostly on the hyper2 190 and the h800. For now I would probably be using those foils but my quiver changes often. I don’t really see a larger foil in my future for now though.

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After still trying to crack the prone code for a while now I’d say there are 3 things an intro prone board should have:

Tracks not too forward
Deck recess for front foot placement
A fair bit of nose rocker so it doesn’t Pearl too much.

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Not board related but something I think worth considering is getting a much slower foil. If you are on a fast foil in slow waves then you will work hard to keep the foil moving fast, and only really possible to do this by either:

  • pumping which means you’ll be using the waves as chip ins rather than riding them (fine if you link the swells at the back)

  • cutting back to the energy of the wave, obviously both the point of surfing, and very difficult initially, even more so on HA. In marginal waves you will nearly instantly out run the wave if you have a fast foil

A slower foil gives you a better chance of dealing with outrunning the energy, close out sections, whitewater, and I reckon leads to better turns and so progression of skills. I say this after changing from an axis ART to HPS and leading to much better sessions.

I also tried a 50L setup with an old 760SP and it was incredibly stable and easy, and sat really nicely in the energy of the wave, while turning pretty well.

With the wing you have power at hand, surf you have to work a bit harder to keep the foil moving.


I went through quite a few months only riding the 760 in waves. Really good foil for its time.

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