Foiling Podcasts List

I’m sure Erik doesn’t mind some competition, here’s a few fun foiling podcasts, please add any other you know.

-Progression Project
-Foil The World Podcast
-Generic Foiling Pod
-The Casey Catchup
-The Blue Planet Show
-The Gwen & Damo Show

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Do you know what makes me sad about Erik’s podcast, in the intro he use to talk gear a lot. Example “I tried the wing A and I like it with this tail shimmed. It’s better than wing B for our conditions”. As sponsors have come on board (which I totally get and am happy for him). Candid gear talk has slipped away. I realize that I’m a hardcore and not the normal listener, but I love me some objective this vs that gear talk.

There’s not really anyone doing objective wing, mast, and tail reviews anymore. Everyone that’s good at it gets sponsored and then the comparison reviews vanish. Waketheif, Dominic Hoskyns, and now Erik


Wing Life Podcast
Wingfoil Experience
The Foil Project
Mediocre Foiling Podcast
The Blue Planet Show


Mordu (French), other sports too but lots of foiling. Last one with Gong.

Unifoil Q&A episodes on YouTube are 1 hr long and are definitely worth the watch.


Latest Mediocre foilcast dropping some hardcore unbiased content! Giving the people what they want!

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I agree, sadly. I still enjoy Erik’s podcast but now I have been searching out different podcast. I enjoy the Mediocre Foiling Podcast, the bad boys of podcast.

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With so many options coming out, unbiased reviews are going to be in great demand. Maybe someone good should try the patreon model?

And I also like the generic podcast, but once I figured out that one of them sounds a bit like jemaine clement I can’t un-hear it!

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I think this has always been the case with so many people on deals and incentives with the progression project no different from the start.

For me foils are so expensive and there are no impartial reviews. I have watch Adam Benetts rip on mfc uni Armstrong gofoil axis takuma lift cabrinha and fone so they all work well enough for most of our abilities. I think now it’s about choosing a brand that has a history of quality and delivering timely on performance updates for someone of your size and ability as some manufacturers are still biased in this way. Being able to Trust the next solution from your brand will deliver.

Some of these big brands have let down their customers with bad connections and/or flexible masts and wings that breach and stall poorly in an era where they new better.

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I thought the generic foiling pod taking some funny and very direct punches to North with the Mike Raper interview was great. Granted they will probably piss someone off but I think pretty refreshing. Though the host freddie is an Axis dealer so I think he needs to address that elephant more directly.

Generic vs Mediocre. I thought they were the same and people just misremembering the name… will have to give Mediocre team a listen.

Edit after listening to Mediocre: nothing more useless than an audio only explanation of stab angle from someone who has a relatively poor (self confessed) understanding of it, Mediocre foiling your tuning explanation was crap!
What was good was the discussion on board failures and construction stuff. The podcast generally pretty basic friends talk shit but it really does hit the nail for honest sponsorless agenda free unbiased chat, which is great, I guess you can find the same info on forums if people bother to post.

I love all of them

The Salty Brother Podcast

I really enjoyed the Dan Malloy episode

I would pay a small subscription to keep Erik off any specific brand ties… But that’s easier said than done and would need to be some serious money for the value he is providing, so I don’t have anything bad to say about it. I think it’s just the natural progression of things and it will work it self out.

Guy probably deserves a Nobel


I imagine it is more than money, reputations are hard to build and easy to destroy etc, so I imagine the blunt honesty that is so entertaining is only possible from those without much to lose. Tricky regardless.

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For me, the progression project built up enough trust that I don’t think Erik would say a piece of gear is good if it isn’t. Plain and simple. The other thing that I think got knocked out of the park is the timeless nature of ~90% of the episodes. When you relisten to a super old episode, almost all of it is still pertinent things to hear. But I’ll stop preaching to the choir lol.

Had my first listen to the Mediocre Boys last night, well at least they live up to the name! :joy:

@TooMuchEpoxy I can’t tell if I love all ur swearing or hate it :joy: leaning towards at least asking for a wider vocabulary.

I’ve been using foiling podcasts to brainwash my 2 year old so you probably don’t give a F*** but he cant listen to that one yet…

As far as all the complaining about breaking things I don’t totally disagree, but I also think there is an element that this is a finesse sport and maybe your just too much of a stomper ?!! I find I put a lot less wear on equipment that is more efficient. I know it’s easy for me to say at 75kg

There’s a rock at my spot that’s fully submerged at high tide and I make a weekly habit of pumping directly into it as fast as I possibly can.


after listening to Mediocre : nothing more useless than an audio only explanation of stab angle from someone who has a relatively poor (self confessed) understanding of it, Mediocre foiling your tuning explanation was crap!> Blockquote

I’m scratching my head. Slams mast forward. Shims for negative lift. Says the setup is too Blackfoot heavy. Also says that the board will slam them in the face if they miss their pop up.

Wut? there’s so much to unpack here…

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To be fair my setup gets a similar criticism for being difficult to pop up.
The part about front/back foil angles, tail angle conventions etc reminded me of the Progression episode on tuning which took 5min to agree on convention, so my comment was partly aimed at that I guess.

Mediocre boys etc. Etc. If ur listening please keep putting out episodes! Foiling talk is better than no talk.

@radair / Eric when does the “black van show” start airing ?


If we could get Gwen (who is also in the black van society) on board you might be onto something. Otherwise you just have two inarticulate old guys with limited skill and knowledge. Tough to find an audience for that combination.

@FoilTheWorld is putting out entertaining episodes so I say support him


Yeah buddy! Not going anywhere!!! TBH the Mediocre cast is more about interviews with our local crew than wider content. Getting to know our group of riders better, what makes us tick outside of foiling, being stoked for each other, etc. Foiling is a team sport and it’s about maximizing that on a local level.

Goal of that last one was to ruffle some feathers and bitch and have some fun! Maybe we just don’t rip hard enough tho for the cool kids!


Ur the best prone foiler I’ve ever seen in person :call_me_hand:

Out of maybe three that I’ve seen :laughing: