Foiling Podcasts List

I’m sure Erik doesn’t mind some competition, here’s a few fun foiling podcasts, please add any other you know.

-Progression Project
-Foil The World Podcast
-Generic Foiling Pod
-The Casey Catchup
-The Blue Planet Show
-The Gwen & Damo Show

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Do you know what makes me sad about Erik’s podcast, in the intro he use to talk gear a lot. Example “I tried the wing A and I like it with this tail shimmed. It’s better than wing B for our conditions”. As sponsors have come on board (which I totally get and am happy for him). Candid gear talk has slipped away. I realize that I’m a hardcore and not the normal listener, but I love me some objective this vs that gear talk.

There’s not really anyone doing objective wing, mast, and tail reviews anymore. Everyone that’s good at it gets sponsored and then the comparison reviews vanish. Waketheif, Dominic Hoskyns, and now Erik


Wing Life Podcast
Wingfoil Experience
The Foil Project
Mediocre Foiling Podcast
The Blue Planet Show


Mordu (French), other sports too but lots of foiling. Last one with Gong.

Unifoil Q&A episodes on YouTube are 1 hr long and are definitely worth the watch.


Latest Mediocre foilcast dropping some hardcore unbiased content! Giving the people what they want!