For Sale: Armstrong MA1000 complete with 725 Performance Mast $2400

I’m in Charleston, SC selling a complete Armstrong package. Retail price + shipping and taxes would cost over $3,200. Everything is gently used but in like new minus condition. Wings have been ridden fewer than 5 times.

MA1000 Package w/ 725mm Performance Mast Includes:

MA A+ Front Wing with cover
Flow 235 A+ Rear Wing with cover
725mm A+ Performance Mast with cover
60cm A+ Titanium Fuselage
Pro Shim Kit (2x 0.5 PC Shims & 2x 1.0 PC Shims)
Titanium Board Mounting T-Nut and M7 Screws
Custom Wingscrews (Thumbscrews-$80 value)
Foil Screw Set
T30 Torx Tool
Foil Kit Carry Bag

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