For Sale Kujira Helium 1500 kit

Includes 75cm Aluminum mast and base plate, 70cm fuselage, 218 stabilizer, hardware, case, and cover. A few superficial scratches otherwise excellent condition. Great set up for light wind, small waves, and learning. Like to sell as a package but can seperate. Located in Canada but can ship anywhere. Asking $600 USD

I couldn’t believe how user friendly this setup was. Great wing! I could surf it and pump it easily. Good luck with sale!

Thanks. Yeah super user freindly for prone and wing, and still lots of fun.

I just bought that wing somewhere else, wish I saw your post earlier.

Is this your old setup? What is your new one?

Hi. I recently got the 1440 front wing. I do a lot of pump foiling and the 1440 is a better choice for that. I really like it for light wind winging too. The 1500 is a lot of fun for light wind winging and small waves. Just too much cross over with the 1440 and my 1210. I may regret selling it though, it is a really nice surfy wing.

anyone snag this setup yet?

Hi Arnie. No not yet, kinda surprised. Maybe it’s the off season for a lot of riders. I dont have an off season just wear thicker neoprene lol.
Are you interested in the kit?
You can call me if u want. 613 847 1816.
Thanks Mike

reached out with some texts, won’t have much free time to be able to talk on the phone today. also will ask for some thicker neoprene advice as i’m considering taking the plunge and going to get myself a winter setup to get out there.