Freedom Foil Board - tow board

3’10” x 18” x 1.7” 16.3L
Board is $1250 new and selling for $450. Local pickup in Central Florida. It’s for dock start, wake, tow & kite board - Does have inserts for straps too. Has only been used 3 times. Like new condition. Board looks amazing and rides even better. The tiniest bump on the nose of the board, so I put sun-cure on it. I don’t think it was even all the way through (zero water), but I just wanted to put extra protection on it. I’m terrible at sanding, so it did not even attempt to make it look pretty :grimacing::laughing:. Board in like new condition otherwise. Exceptionally lightweight and zero flex. I drive all over central Florida for work, so let me know.

Sent you a pm

Have have gotten a few DMs, but nothing definite yet. I’m happy to split shipping with buyer

Any chance it’s still available?

Sold, sorry. Good luck!