Selling lift foils, DW board, prone boards

Hi everyone,

Letting go of the gear below, can provide photos to anyone that’s interested:


  • 28” lift mast 550$ - 9/10 condition
  • Lift 170 400$ - 7/10
  • Lift 200 375$ - 6.5/10


  • AFS blackbird 6’2 downwind board 1300$ - 9/10
  • Freedom fusion 4’9 700$ - 9/10
  • Freedom fusion 4’3 700$ - 9/10


  • FLYSURFER mojo 4.5m 350$ - 7/10

Hey! I’m interested in the blackbird. Can you let me know your experience with it/and why you are selling it? I’m 95kg looking for an all around wing board that i could also prone paddle into small waves. I doubt I could sup surf it, but maybe with a lot of practice. Thanks!

Do you still have the foils? Do they come with tail wings? Is the 200 surf or HA

Hey WingNC ! The blackbird is an amazing board. Really widens up the low end for winging while staying compact at 6’2. For winging it has lots of glide / early speed before engaging the foil which allows you to get going early compared to a more traditional shape, you do retain quite a lot of control & pump still, I find that the boxes are pretty far forward meaning you don’t have much board in front of you when up on foil. I’ve spend some time proning it in small surf and will say it paddles like a 10ft longboard … feels like you can drop into the tiniest wave on this board. It’s great as well for SUPing but I’m looking for something a little longer and narrower to get up in light stuff. If you’re looking for a hybrid for wing / sup / prone then this is the one.

Feel free to reach out at 917-680-9122

Hey Maxipadd, foils are still available. The 28" mast is gone.

I have a 34 surf tail.

Feel free to reach out at 917-680-9122.


Is the Freedom fusion 4’9 still available?

Hi, yes it is.

Text me & i can send you some pics