Gear storage ideas

How’s everyone storing their gear at home or in there cars anyone have any interesting ideas?

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following, as I’ve got stuff everywhere :man_facepalming:

I just pile it all in the back of the Honda Element next to the kids car seat. Wing board, prone board, 2 complete foils, 2 wings, bucket of parts and tools.

Don’t overthink it…if it fits go with it. Of course I’m not an axis or Armstrong foiler with 8000 separate foil combinations on my person at all times.


I throw it all on the bed in the back of the van. Bonus points if it’s wet.

On my to-do list is to put a mast strap on the front of the bed so I can put the board under with mast on and hold it in place. I dissemble now as I broke a wingtip when my board fell over (upside down in van) and the wingtip hit the window.

I also need to sort out some garage storage, but first I need to get rid of all the boards/bikes etc on the floor…

@Erik posted a shot a while back of his garage… Had ceiling hooks or something to hang the foils from like leather face.


Also a topic I am interested in. I have started a reversible approach, meaning all the hooks are cheap plastic hooks from Bunnings, which remove easily with no damage to the wall.

I intend to move to a permanent solution over time, but I am not quite sure what I want to do. I use one of the hooks to hang up the wing if it’s still wet after a session, then pack it up and hang it in the bag once it’s dry. The floor is rubber gym floor squares, also from Bunnings.


Yep that’s the go when I’m home my gear lives in my car or on the floor at the door ready to go but the boss isn’t to happy with that location haha some racks that the foils can slot into or even a track system you can slide a complete setup into from the ceiling would be great keep the floor space free.


Ya the rubber coated hooks work well.


What did you put at the bottom of the cleat for the cushioning? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

Very nice. I’m going to copy you.

Sorry for the delayed reply… it’s just a rectangle piece of foam from a fabric shop near by. Honestly isn’t necessary, but anything would work.