Road travel with assembled board and foil

Hi there
Getting to the beach for me involves a drive
My 2 sons are foil brained also
Mainly here in the UK we wingfoil
Setup time for 3 foils, /boards and wings plus wetsuits is a thing if like to reduce :wink:
Wondering if anyone has much experience or rigs for carrying fully assembled boards and foils
Whilst I was travelling in Costa Rica i saw a few fully assembled rigs inverted and strapped on roof racks but that would only work for 1 setup
Wondering about towbar attachment hacks - like bike /luggage racks etc
Any ideas most welcome
If i could travel with 2 fully rigged and ready boards + foils it’d be a game changer
Ive considered a van but would prefer to find a solution for my car or perhaps a pickup
Attached picture was of interest…

Any experience to share much appreciated
Many thanks

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Any of the North American minivans can carry those.
I have my wing boards with 92cm mast and assembled foil inside the back of the van.

I think you could easily do a pickup with the elevated roof rack + soft surf racks on each rack. Would give enough height to strap boards, and then foils on the bottom side basically sitting as they do in the water. Keeps the mess in the bed of truck vs in a van.

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I just leave my foils fully assembled and most of the time use wingscrews to put them on my board. Takes 2 minutes and zero tools. The fully assembled foil fits into any SUV, truck or van.

Personally wouldn’t want to do a long drive with my assembled board like that on my car. Unnecessary risk of damage to the board and foil, poor gas mileage, etc…

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A Ford transit van fits 2-3 rigged 8’ downwind boards with the noses under the bench seats and a strap hanging from the roof to stabilise. To me it is perfect, having the boards external to the car means they’re likely to overheat, risk of damage etc

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thanks for this … defo an option i’d consider
slight issue is uk weather … lots of rain! but guess most stuff would be wet any how!

thanks for this
yes perhaps thats a decent option
I’m fine rigging up from scratch for just me but when its 3 rigs itd be great to simpifly
perhaps i’ll try the wing nuts and see about keeping the foil assembled as you suggest, thanks !

Aren’t there a couple other pairs of hands to put to work on rigging?

Wait… You can foil and not drive a van?


Yeah, assembled foils can go onto boards in 30 seconds. Get a small drill driver with adjustable torque(don’t use an impact driver), keep the hardware in the board, and it takes seconds. Something small like this will have 0 chance of damaging a board/foil while a big impact with a heavy battery will.

Or switch to Sab foil which have clip in masts - you leave the mast track on the board and the mast just slots in.

Throw that thing on the roof upside down and go tree trimming!

Thanks and yes ive been meaning to try this
I have something similar / low power so ill chuck it in the bag next time

Might well go the van route yes …but exploring other options also