Generating speed through carves

Hi all, first post so here it goes. I am an intermediate foiler doing multiple disciplines…prone, kite, DW and some wing ding. When I am prone foiling I can link multiple waves but always loss speed when coming out of large carves on wave faces. I try to enter at the best speed possible but never exit fast. I was thinking it could be my exit angle and not pushing through the tail (like “normal” surfing) but when I try it sends the foil down into the water column. Any tips and suggestions would be helpful…trying to elevate my game. This would be helpful for DW as well.

Rider info: 90kg (200 lbs +/-).
Setup: Kt drifter 4’8, Armstrong 1250 (chopped) w/ 212 tail. 60 fuse. -2 shim.
Waves: 1-4ft sand bars

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Previously I had an issue like you, and I think its because I was exiting the turn low on the mast and ahead of the wave, which is basically the same as hitting the brakes.

I recently found this rhythm where I was rising on the mast as I came out of my turns, which then allowed me to pump downwards as the wave face caught up to me. This generates really nice acceleration for me when it works. I notice this type of “pump” turn watching the good guys like Erik, KD, and Bennetts, particularly in weaker waves.

I’m probably not the guy to answer, but there’s my $0.02.

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Good notes thank you. Will work on the mast height on the exit.

Hard to answer without video. When you say turns what do you mean? A down carve where you end up out in the flats?

If it’s on a cutback or on a turns on unbroken waves. Make sure you end your turn at the top of the wave. Then you’ll have the wave face to drop back in on.

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Hi for me I’m having trouble with getting the turn when I link a wave, I know it’s all about timing and I haven’t gotten that figured out. Sometimes I try the turn into a wave connection and I just lose all speed, I think I’m too far away from the pocket of the wave. Right now I’m just turning earlier and starting to do a bit of a pump to ensure I link the wave. Any general tips besides getting the perfect timing and position right. I see how the pros do it they make it look really easy but it’s not of course. I want to know when do you turn into the pocket and when do you turn away from the pocket. In both scenario you are still doing a wrap or s turn I think. Do you start from the bottom of the wave and then do a carve up the wave face to gain the speed to exit from the turn, then it’s business like usual into s turns?

I’m mostly just riding tightly spaced windswell, but find that starting a turn almost behind a wave and really cranking the first bit of the turn to stay on the face gives me a ton of acceleration. Also, can kind of shift your hips back and torso forward to keep the foil in the sweet spot on the face. Probably way harder on a groundswell, but foils are so efficient you should probably be able to find power way out on the shoulder too.

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