How to do the best turn on a foil?

I saw this comment in a whatsapp group today. I can’t tell if I agree with it or not.

“gotta keep in mind best turn will be the one at the slowest stall speed as you can get more vertical and turn around quicker”

The limitations of foil turns as compared to surfboard turns is becoming very evident though. It’ll be interesting to see where the next generation of foils goes.


Mike and I debate this. He’s likely in the camp of slow and tight and I think the best at those turns right now.

My thought is that you should lean into the strength of the craft you’re riding. Shortboards are designed to fit in a pocket and crank tight turns. Longboards for glide. Foils excel at glide and keeping speed. My favorite turns are optimized for keeping as much speed as possible with the hardest bank angles I can maintain. Building speed from carve to carve.

But best is subjective and we all have our own styles. There isn’t a right or wrong. Some days I feel like midlength glides and others like bashing lips. It’s all amazing.