Gofoil GL210 24" Mast FTL14 Tail

Used this set up to learn to wing at 195lbs and has worked great. Time for an upgrade.
GL210 - $250
24" Mast - $300
FTL14 Tail - $150


I already have a 24" mast. Would you be interested in just selling the GL210 front wing and possibly the FTL14 tail wing separate from the mast? I’ll have to check when I get back home this evening as I can’t remember if I already have a FTL14 tail wing or not. I know I don’t have a GL210 front wing, so I would definitely be interested in buying that. I already have GL240 and GL180 front wings, so the GL210 front wing would be a nice addition. I live in Colorado, zip code 81637. Are the wings in very good condition? They look pretty good in the picture, but it’s hard to tell how much they’re dinged up or scratched.

Sorry sold these last week. I’ll update the post.

No problem. Thanks for letting me know.