Had a game changer

So I shaped a gun foil board about 4 years ago. I only go to ride it at J bay and that was 4 months after I had broke my back. I could barely walk and was foiling horrible. Fast forward to today where I finally caught up to my old skill level.

I took it out to surf the outside low tide bar here. I usually struggle to catch them on my normal board 32lts 4’2. Well I had an insane session. Got in super early with very early release. I could drop in waaay deeper at the peak without getting launched. The extra length also let me push way harder at high speed carves. It made it less twitchy which I wasnt expecting. Given it was only head high maybe a couple a hair bigger. It made that session one of my favorites this year.

Board: 5’3 x 18 x 3 Thinned out nose as I cut the rocker in from the bottom with a flat deck. I also basically made short board rails with a hard bevel cut into them. I still havent felt rails like that from anyone. That and the narrow fla botom make a really early and predictable release. It also handled the foam on the inside where I tried to be Pedigo and hit the lip.

All that to say it might be worth having a step up. I will be riding this every session this winter when its head high or bigger and probably every outer bar session at any size.


Epic! Can you share photos of the board?


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I added two next to my regular 4’4 prone board

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