Amundson Super Model - 725$ : sold

Excellent condition Amundson Super Model Foil board. 4’6 x 17" @ 34L. Bag included.


Where are you located?

hey, I’m in southern cal. I still have the original shipping materials, so could send domestic if you are in the US.

That is an absolute beauty of a board :heart_eyes:

hey, is this still available? Very interested! I’m in Santa Barbara, CA. Will be headed down to San Diego this weekend. I could pick it up in person if you’re near that area.

Hey Kai, so sorry just sold this!


No worries. Why were you selling? I’m trying to figure out what carbon prone board to buy and would appreciate some insight

The main reason I sold it was to buy more downwind stuff. The secondary reason was that this board is really a performance board. The things that make it so advantageous for a good foiler also made it difficult for a sloppy foiler like myself to ride. The width, in particular, was difficult for me to adjust to. It’s very responsive on the one hand, but easy to get out of balance on the other.

A surf analogy I guess would be that it’s an awesome tool for someone who can surf a performance shortboard well v.s. an average joe who needs a wide dumpy potato chip board to surf ok. Turns out I’m more of the latter.

That makes sense. It’s nice to hear from someone who has tried it! Not many reviews out there. Thanks for the info.