Help, TAP portugal lost my foil

I know my foil gear is somewhere in Lisbon airport. I am in San Francisco. I’ve filled out all the online forms etcetera… it’s been one week and no luck. It’s impossible to get ahold of anyone outside of the general TAP worldwide baggage line. Any tips???

Did you pay for the flight with a good credit card with lost baggage insurance? You might be able to get a reimbursement from them and get a new foil if TAP falls through.


Thank you! I’m looking into this, appreciate the tip.

Try to find someone at the airport to help. I found A customer service agent who didn’t represent an airline who sorted things and saved a trip. Good luck.

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Hello foiler_alert,

I just came across your post and noticed that you’re having trouble with TAP Portugal regarding your lost foil gear. I live in Lisbon, Portugal, and I’m more than happy to offer my assistance if you need it. I’m new to this board but have a background in Windsurfing and Kitesurfing, and I’m currently getting into Wingfoiling and prone foiling.

While I understand you’ve already filled out the necessary forms and contacted the TAP worldwide baggage line, sometimes having someone locally can make a difference. If there’s anything specific you’d like me to do, like visiting the airport or making some local inquiries, feel free to let me know.

I hope your gear is located soon, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you think I can be of any help!

Best regards,

Hi Pedro, thank you so much for your offer, that is so kind!

I would not want to trouble you with a trip to the airport. I understand that after 21 days they stop searching, however I know the bag must just be somewhere in Lisbon airport storage because that’s where it was left. Perhaps if it is still not found next week I could trouble you to call them in Portugese. I very much appreciate your offer :slight_smile: