Traveling (to HI) with Foiling Gear

Hey everyone!

First-time poster here! My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Hawaii this fall and I know I would be distraught if I wasn’t armed with my prone setup. I am certainly planning to bring a (non-foiling) shortboard with me. I have traveled with surfboards numerous times in the past and have experience packing to survive the brutal baggage handling practices of most airlines. However, this would be my first time traveling with foiling gear and I am really nervous about the possibility of my precious foiling gear getting lost, stolen, or damaged. Fellow foilers understand that a single prone foil setup is probably worth as much as my entire quiver of surfboards.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for traveling with foil gear.

  • Is there such a thing as surf/ foilboard insurance?
  • What about renting gear in Oahu? Possible/affordable?
  • Anyone use those apple airtag things? (Not sure what good it would really do).

A little off topic, but this will also be my first time to Hawaii. Would love to hear about some good foiling spots, must see/do travel destinations and ideas, the best food, etc. We are certainly planning on spending at least a week in Oahu but are open to checking out some of the other islands during a second week if budget permits. (I may open another topic on this if the response is strong. Might be cool to have a foiling travel subcategory!).

Thanks in advance for all the advice!

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What foil? Hawaii Craigslist has crazy deals sometimes. $900 for a full signature game changer for example.

You can carry foil wings on the plane with your checked luggage I hear. Pack mast with the surfboards or in a suitcase.

Oahu has plenty of foil spots. Maui has the wind. Pick your poison.

Thanks for the reply @Hdip. I would be bringing a Lift 4’6" board, axis foil setup (probably a 1000HA and 860 surf, probably just one mast and fuse to keep the weight down). I wouldnt mind coming home with extra gear if a craigslist deal popped up :wink: .

Good call about carry on for wings. I will have to double check size limitations but might be able to fit wings in a carryon bag.

100% agree check Craig’s list and marketplace. Gear cost way more here at home and is hard to come by. Was able to fly a bag full of bubble wrap there and everything was well wrapped up going home.

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