Hips open or closed when riding, pumping, and downwinding

I’ve noticed that I tend to open my shoulders and hips when riding. Although this makes sense when winging (particularly riding upwind), I wonder if it’s detrimental to me when pumping or in my downwind foiling.
It seems like pros tend to be a bit more closed with their hips.

Here are a few screens shots from a recent Maliko downwinder (3rd one ever on a SUP!)
and here’s a link to the full video [53s] if you want a closer look: https://youtu.be/aW7aZifJpMA


closed hips help you pump over you front wing better, but in bumps like that you shouldn’t need to be pumping. Nice flying! Also if you are peeling off right (goofy) with closed hips your neck definitely gets tired.


Yeah, I feel pretty comfortable with glide and speed, it’s more when things slow down and I’m pumping at lower speeds that I can sense how a slight shift in position drive more or less power.