Inflatable or Ski

Looking at getting something to tow and/or do DW assists. Was just wondering if anyone has experience with an inflatable ( zodiac style ) v.s. a ski? Pros/cons of each?



Inflatable boats are cheap and portable. I can fit my Takacat, the motor, and the gas into the back of our Prius without taking the kids seats out. Stows away in the corner of the shed otherwise.

I’ve never owned a jet ski but the few times I’ve ridden one we were able to get out and around breaking waves easily without any knowledge or experience. Even though the Takacat is about as good as it gets for soft inflatable boat seaworthiness it’s still dodgy when you’re in the impact zone.

Yah mostly looking to head out the harbor with a buddy or two. Get someone back on foil if they come down during a downwind run. Def don’t want to be dodging shore break.

We started with an inflatable and a 9.9 on the back and it worked for small tow days, however going up wind in wind swell was not fun!! I would recommend the ski with an inflatable sled on the back, that’s what I have now. If you have an A & B drop point where you are only assisting by going downwind, I would say that would be more doable. Good luck!

Ski if you have the bucks definitely can’t be beaten, I’d go out in most foilable conditions with a ski, whereas on any RIB I’d want to make sure of the boat, conditions, exits, backups etc

(I don’t know of anyone with one, but I used them for work back in the day)