Is it Spring yet?

Dealing with the truth of @Rad_Duke 's post: Has Foiling ruined powder skiing/snowboarding for you?

The skiing is quite good now here in SE Idaho…been enjoying some decent side-country powder runs, but all I can really think about is my next foil outing, and in particular now…when this year’s crop of new gear will be out, as I’m in the market for a few upgrades…cleaning up some of my beginner gear I need to sell in the meantime…

I’ve starting seeing some items start to appear, and wondering about the seasonality for the N. hemisphere…imagine it is a bit variable, like mountainbikes, with a lot of stuff becoming available sometime in March, but don’t really have a good sense of that yet…who works in the industry and can shed some light?


I feel like the recent warmer weather coincided with a bit of movement in the used gear. It was dead quiet in January.

Also there is the new gear. Suddenly about lots of v3 Strikes have listed on the back of the launch of the v4…

I think the gear launching is probably mostly what drives the seasonality - people buy in Spring, so gear is launched in late winter, so people sell once the new gear is launched