Is there a uni downwind foil coming?

Can anyone confirm / deny if there are uni downwind foils coming and if so what is rough timeline?

Prototypes were used in the M2O and other Hawaii races. Whether or not they’re coming I have no idea. One would assume yes.

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Josh K mentioned something about it in the Dave West Podcast. 120?

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Nice thanks for that.

fwiw summary: Josh riding a v1 proto 130 HA wing for HI, feels like a pp125 with more glide. Josh wants it to be even more top-end oriented. He is getting a faster v2 version proto. Reckons the 13AR aren’t as hard as you’d expect. He also shares his DW thoughts of pp125 more for ripping turns rather than super fast.

27:30 ish

I’m stoked for a faster DW oriented foil as I have the pp140 for slow stuff

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