Anyone else see the Uni Foil boards?

Saw a couple quick looks on instagram at what Uni has been working on as far as foil boards. Looked like a few different models. Wing/prone Prone board and a FTW board. Also saw two down wind boards too. Foil the world board looks pretty sick. 4’3 by 17.6 x 2.3 25L. Both prone specific boards were designed by Erik and Mike so they must be pretty rad. Also two wake/tow specific boards. I am just frothing.


Yes I definitely want to see more info on these boards as the Portal Transmedium17 board I’ve been riding is so sick. I hope these boards have the same bulletproof construction as Mike/Erik’s.

I caught a glimpse but interested to hear and see more…

Stoked to see more. Did they announce anything else new at AWSI?

here we go

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