Anyone else see the Uni Foil boards?

Saw a couple quick looks on instagram at what Uni has been working on as far as foil boards. Looked like a few different models. Wing/prone Prone board and a FTW board. Also saw two down wind boards too. Foil the world board looks pretty sick. 4’3 by 17.6 x 2.3 25L. Both prone specific boards were designed by Erik and Mike so they must be pretty rad. Also two wake/tow specific boards. I am just frothing.


Yes I definitely want to see more info on these boards as the Portal Transmedium17 board I’ve been riding is so sick. I hope these boards have the same bulletproof construction as Mike/Erik’s.

I caught a glimpse but interested to hear and see more…

Stoked to see more. Did they announce anything else new at AWSI?

here we go

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When will these boards hit the market?

I reached out to MACkiteboarding asking when they were expecting to have all the new Unifoil boards in stock and he said that with the high importing costs that they may not get them in the United States this year and may only ship internationally. He was unsure at that time which was about 2 weeks ago so not sure how accurate this information currently is. Hopefully that’s not the case because they have 3 great production shape models coming out this year. If you are in a rush and live in the states, reach out to Flyline Productions(Mike Pedigo) on Instagram and you can order a custom model of the disco butter or any of his other designs. They probably cost a little bit more than this Unifoil production line series but are a little better build quality over production. I ordered the Enigma model from him and it was an easy transaction.

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Thanks very much.

I couldn’t wait for the official Uni release, so I ordered this 7’7x19.5x113L from Portal. Been DWing it, surfing it, flat water, and it’s really really good for my uses. Shape is solid, stable, paddles fast enough for me to DW the 140 progression. Definitely a step up over the 1st gen Armstrong DW 6’8 I was riding.

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Uni does have boards coming to the states. I talked to Dom and they should be in stores in July. You can also order direct but the release will be the same time.

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