Mr. Bennets - Hands Back Pumping Technique

I’ve noticed that Mr. Bennets and a few of the guys have a bit of a different technique for pumping. They don’t swing their hands in front of them at all. With each stroke they throw their arms down and back, almost as if they’re on their knees on the beaching and using both hands to dig a hole. Down and back.

Example here:

Why is this? Is it more effective? Is it because he has his foil super forward in the box to get more front foot pressure in the turns and this is how he compensates? Generates more drive forward?

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I believe its the by product of trying to throw yourself forward.

As I have ventured into higher performance and smaller foils, I find myself doing the same.

The bigger foils (Axis900/1000/860) that I had been surfing on pump very well and are very forgiving. You could almost just keep resetting rhe height and glide…

With some of the smaller and fast foils, I find myself throwing myself more forward vs ao much straight up.

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As said above. It’s the product of being underfoiled and trying to generate speed.


Discussed here

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