Lifting back foot off the board when pumping?

This past week I saw a couple of (highly skilled) guys pumping back out to waves and I noticed they were lifting their back foot completely off the board an inch or so each cycle. Is this a technique worth practicing or just something that happens when you get real good?

Something that happens when you get good. :grinning:

Mostly it’s just raising up on your toes for the back foot. You can practice that one.

It’s all about being light on the board. Specifically of the up part of the pump.


one important thing to remember is not to “choke the pump”. Allow the board to rise as much as possible before beginning the downward phase otherwise you will find the height progressively reduces as you are pumping and the resistance increases.


yes mate this is a great technique. i dont actually think it adds much more raw pump power, what i think it does is help in the transfer of weight from back (up pump) to forward (down pump), head and shoulders move forward over center of gravity with that back leg raise etc etc. hope that makes sense.