New Downwind SUP NSP Spitfire - back to a short lenght board?

Hello everyone!

So downwind sup foil it’s getting pretty popular and brands are taking differents approaches.
Lately with the Barracuda a new paradigm was opened and almost everyone went with crazy long boards and super narrow, some kept their mid point in the 6’2 to 6’10" lenght with 20 to 22" wide (myself went in that direction with my own design).

Now NSP seems to be proposing something a bit different with boards that go even a bit shorter and wider (at the middle) but very narrow and pointy in the extremes, the SPITFIRE catches my eye, but would like to hear from you all what do you think about this aproach? I’m only 70kgs, so would be taking the risk on the 5’5" x 22 1/2" x 74,3 lts just out of pure curiosity. I do have 20+ constant winds with mostly wind swells short periods (7 - 9 segs).

There’s the link for the full details on the board

so!! What do you think about this new board!!??


Some pics

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2c would be that is goes against the direction of travel and would probably be more difficult to paddle up? Seems to be the conventional approach now, James Casey hinted that the new Sunova will be longer and narrower, their original downwind design closer to that NSP with the extra width


Hi Matt - where can I find this please?

That NSP doesn’t do it for me.
Coming from a 29” wide to 24” and recently used 22” going longer and skinny is the way to go for downwind. It also makes flying better as you hardly ever catch a rail.

Sunova are bringing an elite prone/sup model out at some point (still in R&D). You’ll have to contact your local suppliers or message them direct to get the specifics. Any board size can be made custom. I think the new Sunova boards are in range of 6’10” to 8’ and less than 20” wide.


Ah… this is how rumours start. Check his YouTube for Thursday thoughts on board design otherwise possibly skim through his generic foiling podcast interview. He does a lot of content! (It wasn’t on the coach private chats fwiw)

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I thought it was at the end of the podcast but just skimmed and it wasn’t… He goes into the naming, Pro, Elite, “Elite Elite”. I can’t find it

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The channel itself is nice already - thx for that!

It’s probably a fun beginners board for bay runs and big foils.

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