Downwind Foil Board Stability?

Purchased one of the new Armstrong DW boards - 7’7" x 21 … I’m hardly a SUP expert, but this thing is really difficult to stand on. On flat water … no issue, but a little chop and just standing up is a struggle.

Could be that I just suck … but I was wondering what other’s are experiencing with the Armstrong and other DW boards in the Barracuda design. Is it just me? Did I purchase the wrong board?

Appreciate any feedback on other boards and or tips.

Just got the sunova aviator DW elite. 6’9’’ x 23’ x 111Liters. Im a pretty proficient foiler. Wing, prone, tow, kite. But I can barely stand on this thing in flat water let alone wind chop. Every time I take two paddle strokes I’m completely turned around. Granted I have very little SUP background. And Iv only had the board for 2 days but this is definitely gonna take some learning!!

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Try moving the foil back in the boxes and using a bit longer mast. Back in the boxes will help you paddle straight and a longer mast and front wing will help with roll stability


Thanks, I’ll give that a go tomorrow @KDW

First session was like that, circles and couldn’t put the paddle in the water without falling, hopeless to catch waves.

A few flat sessions focussing on sup basics and then a few in clean glassy conditions and then a few choppy onshore and now I can catch waves easily and hardly fall in the worst chop. Initially I thought it would be a longer journey. Some hope.

The most useful thing was learning to brace against the paddle, swishing it forwards and back like a broom. If the paddle left the water then I likely fell. Also bending the knees when you fall backwards instead of the locked knee tree falling.

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Interesting. I agree that back in the box help with paddling, but I had the impression in all my boards that moving the mast forward was generating a lot side to side stability. I’m curious to hear other opinions about this. That was one of my criteria to prefer foil brands that require to position the mast further forward. Perhaps I’m wrong

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Spent time yesterday both in flat water and chop … defn. getting better - esp. with paddle bracing. Also refined/worked on my system to stand to my feet. It’s coming …

Update. Went out today with the mast set much further back in the tracks and that definitely seemed to make paddling straight a lot easier. Glide was definitely negatively effected but that comes later when I get the paddling and pop up dialed. I was able to paddle up on a couple of shoulders of waves that were breaking further up the point. then proceeded to catch one bump that was standing up a little more on a shallow sandbar. Overall a successful learning session. As always appreciate the tips!