Next foil - easy but with great glide, is it possible?

Hi, I am looking for my next foil setup. I already have a Gong Allvator XXL that I like allot. I am now making most of my tacks and have started letting go of my wing to try riding some bumps. What i like about the Allvator is the super early takeoff, easy carve for the size and low stal speed. But I am looking for something with more speed and most importantly more glide.
I am mostly riding in a fjord in Norway so only windbumps and no groundswell around. The wind is also pretty unstable.
What are good alternatives for my next foil setup?

Yeap -
Today’s latest foils just have more glide and are easier to ride -
Still, if you want the higher of glides the you problably want HA (9 - 10.5) to Super HA wings (11 to 13,5+) to ride those windbumps.

I would say something in the middle - a Cloud IX FS-1350 with the Catalyst stab it’s gonna be a great cost/benefit super glider with tons of easy extra lift - Cloud IX it’s very well recognized for it’s lift and requiring always a little less area cause of it’s forward swept (that’s the FS model) leading edge shape of foils.

If budget can go a bit higher - the AFS EVO 1450 or 1650 for an easy rider or the PURE 1100HA for a more advanced glider (not sure about your weight thou). Best quality at a reasonable pricing.

HOpe this helps!

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