No limitz ventilation experience

More and more when winging I’ve noticed a periodic, something happening to my mast I think. I’m going along at moderate or even slowish speed, and it sounds like somebody turned on a hose that’s pouring water into the ocean, like a deep rumble that that would make. When I turn around and look, it looks, again, like a hose with no sprayer is emptying from under my board. And then it shuts off. I can’t recall exactly how the foil feels during this, but I certainly don’t crash. Anyone else experience this?

Could be ventilation, but are you sure its not your leash dragging?

Pretty sure it’s not since it’s a coil that doesn’t hang down.

I haven’t experienced any vent issues with the Nolimitz mast while winging.

That sounds a lot like a wingtip breach. I recently stuck a GoPro to the bottom of my board and noticed a semi-breach that seems to happen regularly. As the wing tip gets close to the surface of the water, the top of the foil creates a little bow wave. That wave/vortex sucks in air that sometimes reaches the tip of the wing, especially when the turn is slower. The wing never breaches, so you don’t feel anything but you hear it. Got a couple of videos and photos in this post. Difficult to see on IG scale. Andre Myburgh on Instagram: "Hydrodynamics @unifoil #loyaltothefoil"

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Hmm, that seems unlikely, since I’m going straight when it happens, and no correlation with feeling high. I guess it’s unique to me, and since it doesn’t send me flying no biggie. Maybe I’ll get video of it someday.

Is it early on in your session? Less so near the end of your session?

I don’t recall it happening more at a particular time, what were you thinking?

Sunblock on your hands getting on mast as you’re walking to beach. I notice mine wants to ventilate a lot when i first start sometimes and i figured it was from that.