ONE last question.....Boog start down wind vs skinny SUP?

I thought the whole boogy downwind start thing was just trolling. That guy says its easier to get up than on a SUP…Anyone ever try it? I was hoping someone would know before I build another board.

That guy? Matt Costa? You see a bit of the full board at the end of this clip.

The question isn’t is it easier or not. The question is, can you get to your feet in flippers? I tried on my 4’6" prone board in the surf. The board was WAY to long to properly kick. I couldn’t even attempt to get my feet on the board.

I think I would shape a board for it. I am pretty comfortable in flippers. I body surf regularly. I am not sure either way, I was hoping someone had some experience.

I think a narrow thick short thing would be a better shape for boogie takeoffs

His board dimensions are listed in one of those links I think. It’s a tray board. Like a kitefoil tray board. Very thin, Very small, pretty flat. Smaller than a boogie board for sure. Only an inch and a half thick maybe.

Matt used to bodyboard. He likes kicking into waves. So if you like kicking into waves, sure then try it. You’ll catch waves for sure. I caught waves doing it. I just couldn’t get to my feet is all.

I just dont want to go through the learning curve of Sup Downwinding. I just prone foil usually but want to Downwind

SUP will always be a better, easier way to get into most DW bumps with a higher success rate and allow you to get up in all conditions. Even when the wind or bumps aren’t that good. Until I see people boog foil up in the flat I personally won’t be that interested in trying it.
On another note I think it is really cool, I just don’t boogie board and find it easier paddling

Prone downwind is MISERABLE! Like Eminem, you only get one shot! Matt who is the main proponent of the boog downwind which is why I keep bringing him up, doesn’t do it much here in LA. He can do full prone runs, so does that. Now he’s learned SUP DW, so he does that. He’s into winging now and does that.

The flippers are kind of a party trick. I don’t think it’s a sustainable way to DW. To truly learn to DW just learn to paddle is what I’ve come to understand. (I’ve just given up on DW and wing instead haha)

I bet know which one the landlord likes better…There is no chance I would be a mile or two out to sea splashing around on a boogie board, not on Maui that is for sure.

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