Ozone fusion double canopy design

I’ve been waiting for a wing like this since my intro to winging. So much drag behind the LE eliminated, so must feel different. Thoughts?

Dear Santa…

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Cool to see companies pushing wing design. I’d like to see some sort of hybrid wing that combines a lightweight, carbon frame with small bladders for buoyancy and high tech (aluula, dyneema,etc) material for the sail/wing. I think this would help reduce the size of the leading edge for better performance. Even better if you could use the same wing frame with different sized sails to help offset the cost of the carbon airframe. With a frame, you could also potentially “tune” the wing to the conditions. If you’re racing or going upwind, you tighten the canopy with outhaul (led to the back handle?) and if you’re cruising or need power, you ease the outhaul tension for more shape and low end?

That all being said, there’s something to be said for the simplicity of today’s wings in that your only real adjustment is the bladder PSI.

I wouldn’t mind giving the Fusion a go here at some point but can’t really justify the price.


The Fusion is cutting edge tech for racing, but I feel like the Gong Pulse double skin concept makes more sense and will probably be how this technology evolves for wider usage. The double skin is only in the first 1/3 - 1/2 of the canopy to smooth the flow off of the leading edge, and it isn’t a RAM type of inflation. I’m sure it compromises performance vs the Fusion, but I think its worth the compromise for practical purposes. Can be built lighter, less complicated, cheaper, won’t be as prone to water intrusion issues, more easily repairable, etc…

Would love to try them both!


Oh I missed the Gong. I agree, I’d hate to crash in the whitewater with a fusion!

How about an inflatable second skin? I know weight would be tricky to keep low but you could not worry about water. Or, picture two windsurf sails put together to create an airfoil with nothing inside so it could drain easily.

Very interesting. Has ozone listed any sort of metrics in marketing materials or interviews? Im curious what kind of top speed and upwind angle improvements the fusion has over the flux

much smother than a kitewing

This posted today on Seabreeze