Paddle type for Downwind Foil

Thanks, being light as 65kg, the PPC might be too big of paddle size?

Do you know which Chinook model?

I’m using the 2 piece adjustable naish s26 carbon performance paddle. 95 blade size.
I have been using it for 4months and so far so good.

My brother has the 82 adjustable. He also just got the larger one in a fixed shaft, but has to cut it down still.

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Thank you! Will check them out

I’m bumping this year old thread… I’m in the market for a paddle and don’t feel like spending $500. Is the naish or chinook paddles still the way to go?

Right now I’m on a $19 Amazon paddle. :smile:

FYI - I’m 200lbs on the 121L Armstrong. I can paddle straight, but haven’t got up yet. I have a intermediate to advanced prone background

Im a kook, but bought the Chinook (cost being the consideration) and am happy with it so far. I would have considered the Code, at slightly higher price, but couldn’t get it. Those were the two I found at my targeted pricepoint.

Still on the Chinook and it works.

Adjustable thrust 92 linked above.

Which Chinook model are both of you using?

I’ve been using a Naish S27 carbon plus. It’s a step down from their fixed shaft model and it’s been great.

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I use an Infinity Whiplash fixed. Great value for the quality. About $320 and 90% carbon fiber. Had helped my sore shoulders and elbows quite a bit since switching.

Mine is the Chinook Stroke 96 adjustable.

BlackProject have the TEMPO-X which is a great race paddle without the high price tag of the competition paddles from them. It’s just the same tech design with full carbon instead of the more expensive materials they use on their top of line paddles.

Also the LAVA it’s a good option at a reasonable pricing with 90% carbon shaft - and it’s for me - a better paddle than the chinooks. Although, chinook pricing it’s quite a bargain!! And still good paddles.

For downwinding I use the Sprint-X - it’s more expensive, but it’s a wider blader and still soft enough feeling to paddle that it won’t tear appart my shoulders !

I have the Ono ava 115 for almost 2 years now.
I tried to go back to smaller 92 the other day in open ocean, and it felt horrible; like there is no even a blade on it.
For my poor paddling skills there is no return to smaller blades. Let’s strokes work better for me.

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I have a BP Hydro SprintX med. Really like the paddle for everything so far. I don’t love the trailing edge “ridge” at the throat of the blade (when paddling out prone in rougher conditions), but I’m sure it lends strength and less ventilation.

Oh yes - that part it’s not so cool to have the blade under your chest and even worst if the board deck has a concave (like the Blackbird AFS) -
On my flat deck DW custom board I have no issue at all thou

I’ve got a Blackbird 8’, 72 Stingray, and no issues, I actually really enjoy the concave deck when prone paddling…just sayin.

Hi Seth! Yeah, it’s a very good design, we meant about the spine on the opposite side of the blade, but surely it helps too for having a great track and control while in the power zone of the paddling