Paddle type for Downwind Foil

I want to buy a paddle for downwind sup foil.
Big Blade, Large Angle, Lightweight, Stiff, on Budget.

These are the paddles I have discovered so far:

Quickblade ovo ava 105
Blade Size: 105 sqin
Blade Angle: 15°
Weight: unkown
Price: 549$

Quickblade ovo ava 115
Blade Size: 115 sqin
Blade Angle: 15°
Weight: unkown
Price: 549$
Did not found any link. Is it still available?

Blade Size: 94,6 sqin
Blade Angle: 13°
Weight: 397g
Price: 429$

Hydro SprintX SUP Race Paddle
Blade Size: 606 in2
Blade Angle: 7.5°
Price: 630$ (included bag 100$)

Do you know any other interesting brand out there?

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Edit: From what I’ve seen you need the width
Edit2: jokes aside, wow I did not expect the price of paddles to be so high!

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price from their websites.

My DIY pizza shovel


Look at instagram kdmaui and find picture of him looking like he has a shovel for digging. There is a video of him flat water starting and getting up in about 6 strokes! Pretty cool. He must have made it because it’s HUGE.

I’ve found I prefer wider paddles with the new easier driven boards. On my 6’ board the show shovel isn’t really any better than a normal sup paddle, on a barracuda the difference is night and day.

My favorite paddle available right now is probably the Blackproject HydroSprint-X in the largest size. The Ono Ava is also exceptional but I find it has too much blade angle.

If you have a long board is look for paddles over 20cm wide.

Along with the ones listed here the “QB stinger” and “Braca uni super fat” look great.

My personal paddle is 30cm wide. I’m slowly taking off length to make a “higher aspect” surface for a more efficient stroke.


Thanks Kane for sharing your experience.
I have tried my shovel yesterday on my 6’0x26" it wasn’t day and night compared to a normal SUP Paddle. Couldn’t get up on foil on flat water.
Let’s see what it does when my 8’0 barracuda arrives.

I remember that on a podcast show they were talking about the Ono Ava and it’s angle. Dave (or was it Jeremy?) mentioned that the angle is key, because you kind of lift your bodyweight out of the water.
Interesting that you now say you like the HydroSprint-X because of its low angle.

I think of paddles as wings that generate forward thrust. A paddle stroke has a downwards and backwards component, which along with the speed of the board creates an angle of attack on the blade.

I see the big blades working not by creating more force, just more useful force. This means the goal is create the most thrust for a given load on the body. To do this we need to maximize L/D. I have found most of my paddle energy is spent in the initial acceleration or first few strokes. Because the board isn’t moving fast there is a high angle of attack on the blade, pushing it out of its efficient range. Lowering the angle decreases this angle, increasing the efficiency.

The hydro sprint x has decent width, a nice airfoil, efficient outline, stable cross section, light weight, and low angle. I found this paddle to be very efficient. I think even lower angle with a wider blade could improve on this.


Using Hydro Sprint-X from Black project.
I’m light weight so using the Medium blade, maybe I think I could do with the Large but in my experience from sup racing cadence and not hurting the shoulder it’s preferable for my body.
As Kane mentions, the angle of the blade it’s very efficient, you can see it with it’s clean entries when hitting the water.
Don’t let it fool you with the balance of effort required vs power generated, that’s the good thing about it.