PFD Recomendation for Winging?

Rhode Island just enacted a mandatory PFD law for all board sports except prone surfing (in surf). Recall some PFD discussion on the podcasts for safety in downwinders, any recomendations on comfortable, slim PFD’s?

You can look for “paddle vests” which is what kayaker’s use and SUP guys like to use. They’re shorter in length and have wider arm openings with not much on top of your shoulders. They often have pockets in front and a place to store a water bladder in the back.

Cheap generic option that I tested off of Amazon. Only 1 zipper pocket in front. No easily useable pocket in the back. It’s cheap. It works. You can find some fisherman’s vests that are similar too.

Do you need it to be USCG certified? That could come up I guess. Here is a generic “impact vest” that is USCG certified. It is also cheap and fine. It covers more of your lower abdomen, coming down closer to your waist. You can slide a harness hook on the straps in front.

This isn’t USCG certified. But it would likely fit the bill and is sold in store at Walmart near me in Los Angeles at least. They have women’s and kid’s versions of it also. It’s very similar to the DaKine impact vest that I saw in a shop recently.

Then you have expensive and wing foiling specific impact vests. This is the one I would get if I had $200 to spend on a vest.

This ones really good: WIP Water Protection Light Vest 50N - Forward - houstonkiteboarding

Lighter style, its not a real PFD though

Anyone ever use the vaikobi jackets? Seems like they are pretty good?

Ya just make sure what certification is required.
Here in Canada we have some stupid rules, and our certified vests are annoyingly thick!!
Been nailed for no lights or whistle too. At $240 a pop it adds up to a new foil quick :grimacing:!

I’m not worried about laws where I am. Just trying to prepare and also set the right example for new guys learning. Thanks

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Hi, I have this on my kite harness, great product -low profile- cheap insurance policy for when things go wrong! I can DM you more info if needed.

Restube USA - Official US Store - the airbag for more safety in water — RESTUBE US
good luck

I really like the Sooruz 50, the length gives you good hip protection and it’s roomy around the shoulders. Plus you can add a harness to it.

Disclosure I work at the above shop but I do personally use this vest for winging.

Like the vaikobi a lot. The hydration pack really helps me keep performance up on any session longer than about 90min, especially in hot places. The left chest pocket can fit a big phone in a good bag like an aquapac, and the right pocket with a lanyard connection is ideal for a plb. Only thing I miss from other kayaking pfds is a spot to chest mount a knife.

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