Prone foil sizing for whitewater

Let’s say Im surfing a solid 2-3ft swell, let’s say this means waves between 1.5ft and 3.5ft. If Im on a 1099 @ 85kg, then I will need to catch a wave in the 1.7ft-2.5ft range. Anything smaller, there would be enough lift. Anything larger, I wont be able to catch the wave due to being overfoiled.

Theoretically, if I went out on a bigger foil, say the 1201, then that would mean, my wave range catching is probably closer to 1.2ft-1.5ft. If I went out on the 1300, then I would only be able to catch whitewaters from the waves.

Question is, are all the options ok, depending on what I want to do and how easy it is to catch certain waves? I was foiling inside restaurants at high tide yesterday almost 2ft. And the other guy was on a huge foil, catching whitewater and able to ride the wave and try to pump out, while I was on the 1099, and only able to catch a ~2ft wave in order to get up, i wasn’t able to get up on whitewater which made it alot harder to position myself due to the current.

Just wondering if anytime you would focus on whitewater takeoffs and take a bigger wing as a result.

Also, if i were using my biggest wing the 1310, would i be able to takeoff in the tiniest of whitewater?

It’s more about speed and wave shape. Then it’s about skill. The better you get, the further you will extend the range of a foil.

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1099 does need a bit of speed to get up to flying speed.
what about the board sizes between you and other rider? If your on something micro and he/she is on a board a little bigger that would play a roll no?
Little length or volume could help you get a bit more speed for take off?
And that’s something you may be able to change for a session swap with someone there to try out?
I don’t know jack but that came to mind reading your post!!

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