Pumping video analysis , tips/ critique

Any tips / advice is greatly appreciated. I am following the Advance pumping aka how the pros pump thread and its very interesting seeing the different styles. Post your pump videos here for critique hopefully

Been foiling for just under 1 year, working on efficiency. riding a high aspect wing lift 170 HA, 25 glide in very small weak surf. good rides for me are 1min 30 sec + 2-4 waves typically. trying to get to consistently connect 5+ by this summer

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I’m not a pro by any means….

Outside of your pumping (that’s honestly really hard to see in this video)… i can see your wave. Your wave riding efficiency could be improved. You’re not really ever getting a long break from pumping on your rides. You’re riding either too low on the mast, riding away from the peak (power), or too far in front of the wave face. If you could recover better on the small waves, you could go longer.


kinda hard to see. are you pumping with your legs or core?

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Agree with what Matt said. Adding to it, having had the 170 HA in the past myself when I also was about 1 year in, one thing that helped me out a lot was a bigger tail. The 25 Glide is built for speed and really only provides stability at higher speeds. Going slower in our small, gutless Florida wind swell, that tail won’t be providing you much stability at all which will make it difficult for you to easily pump and ride higher on the mast. I ended up pairing it mostly with either the old 40 Surf tail or the 32 Glide and found it then to be a much easier / more forgiving ride.

The other thing I would note after watching your video a few times is that you seem to be pumping with your arms out and “rolling up the windows” a bit. Try to keep your arms down if your can, with your upper body mostly facing the direction you’re heading, and only do a little arm swing to assist with your pump. The all helps keep the momentum going in generally the same direction, helping you be more efficient and saving energy for more connections.

  1. Pumping is a full body jump squat, not a seesaw back - front motion. You’re pushing with your back leg, waiting for the nose to dive with front, and repeating. Pumping is both legs jumping, both legs reloading, both legs jumping again. To see how it should feel stand on the ground and jump forwards multiple times in succession.
  2. Narrow your stance 1-2 inches more

Move front foot back, you are pushing the nose down instead of pushing down flat. Once you get that right then work on projecting forwards on the pump

edit: what @beepityboppityboop said


To add support to what @beepityboppityboop said, here’s a great video that Gwen Le Tutour made showing it in practice.


Thanks for all the awesome feedback !

Lots of work to be done, will hopefully post a progress one in the next month or so

Def going to give the 32 glide a try, 25 is faster but gets unstable being so tiny

I have a 32 Glide if you want one

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3 things that I see which have been mentioned by others.
1 Keep that mast high
2 Move your front foot back which will narrow your stance( pump the foil not the board)
3 Stay on the wave longer and when you feel you’re starting to get slow then pop off the back and find that next wave.

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I already have one !