Recommended DW board bags?

Received a DW board I had made recently. 6’6 x 23" x 5". Wondered if anyone had any bags they recommend for travelling with these boards. Looked at probably doing some of the 3 board fish bags as they seem deep/wide enough, but thought I’d ask before I pulled the trigger. TIA.

I’ve been looking for a bag for my 6’6’’ x 25’’ x 5 9/16’’ 114.5L. Couldn’t find a decent one that fit well. Best options I thought of were: get a sup cover and get someone to cut it and stitch it to size, get a custom, get a poorly fitting bag.

Until I get a custom I just bought some toweling cut it to shape and stitched it into a sock to give basic protection.

With your board being a bit narrower than mine you have a good chance of finding a descent pre made bag.

I ended up with the ride engine v2 day strike foil 6’6 bag. A touch wide for my DW board ( which is 23" ), but otherwise fits the bill. Probably won’t fly with it, but itll work for staying in the back of my truck and garage, etc…