Where to get a board bag?

I’ve got a 75L wing/sup kalama e3 and I want to get a bag that fits it. Anyone know a good place to order one?

Depends what you want. Travel bag, or just a daily protection bag? Mystic, Ion, Takoon, Dakine and Armstrong have some nice options. I prefer a wheeled bag for flying (Dakine or Takoon), but I also have a daybag from “Curve Surf” that is really solid for the price, although the sizing is a bit wonky.

I’ve heard great things about this brand: https://newfsurfboardnet.com. They are also a 1% for the planet company.

I have an MFC day bag, they are pretty durable.

Thanks y’all, I had ordered a custom one but they went dark. Before doing that I didn’t have luck looking around, but this time was better. I found a mystic that fits I think.

The bags at LFSupply are great. https://www.larryfoiler.com/

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Prolite Timmy Reyes Smuggler Board Bag-6’6"-Maroon. I just traveled with a small prone foil board, a 5’ 75L wing board, a twintip kiteboard, and my foil all in this bag.

It won’t fit a shortboard AND wing board but I have traveled with a shortboard and small prone foil board and kiteboard