Show and tell - what’s inside every brand’s boards?

Wanted to kick off a thread for people to post what’s inside different boards. Not much transparency out there in what the internal reinforcement looks like.

Here we’ve got some freedom boards. Looks like a divinycell PVC foam pad 1” thick maybe a few inches forward of the boxes with vanilla futures boxes set into it.

Id love to see the guts on Amos, Appletree, and the new Kalama boards. Thanks guys!


I have a friend that repairs boards and there are a lot of track failures. Maybe these top name boards were older but a lot of them had tracks in EPS and no PVC, but in pour foam. For my own built boards, probably over kill, but HD foam to the deck, the whole cassette wrapped in glass. I feel that the EPS will compress and flex under the tracks if you don’t have that solid connection (I am curious what other’s think). My first boards were 3 sheets of EPS glued together, 2 inch thick PVC track cassette, the glue failed on the first board and I could hear the sheets rubbing together as I switched weight and pumped. These are wingboards, pretty thick. Tuttle boxes have this advantage.

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